Civic Tech Evaluation 7: Ethical Use of Data

A few key articles that cover differing aspects of the topic of ethical use of data include:

  • Six Provocations for Big Data by Danah Boyd, Kate Crawford – The current ecosystem around Big Data creates a new kind of digital divide: the Big Data rich and the Big Data poor.
  • Big Data Ethics by Neil M. Richards and Jonathan King In this paper, we argue that big data, broadly defined, is producing increased powers of institutional awareness and power that require the development of a Big Data Ethics.
  • DataPopAlliance has a pretty comprehensive resource that provides a history, definitions and key facts and figures.
  • The Responsible Data Forum is also something to keep an eye on. It is a series of collaborative events, co-organized by Aspiration and the engine room, and convened to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy.
  • Finally, two of the organizers of the event, Lucy Bernholz and Rob Reich, recently released a paper The Emergence of Digital Civil Society that explores what is “civil society” in today’s digital world where the lines are no longer so clear with B Corporations, impact investing and other blended ventures.

Network Tool: Network Health Scorecard

Regular check ups can help network builders track progress and decide what the network needs next. The Network Health Scorecard provides a quick series of questions that can yield a useful assessment of the health of your network - diagnosing strengths and areas for growth.

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