Assessing Civic Tech: Additional Tools & Resources

We have compiled and organized more detailed information on specific topics to help operationalize recommendations in the guides and provide links to useful articles, examples and existing evaluation reports we found in our research.

If you have suggestions for additions please let us know.

  1. Developing a Theory of Change
  2. Network Mapping and Analysis
  3. Content and Semantic Analysis
  4. Qualitative and Quantitative Research and Data
  5. Sample Survey Questions
    • Demographic Characteristics of Users
    • Connecting Neighbors to Improve Civic Life
    • Increasing Civic Engagement
    • Promoting Deliberative Democracy
    • Supporting Open Governance
    • Fostering Inclusion and Diversity
    • Informing Users
    • Increasing Self-Efficacy
  6. More Resources from the Field
  7. More on the Ethical Use of Data



Network Tool: Network Health Scorecard

Regular check ups can help network builders track progress and decide what the network needs next. The Network Health Scorecard provides a quick series of questions that can yield a useful assessment of the health of your network - diagnosing strengths and areas for growth.

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